I started piano lessons at the age of 8 in my home town of Manchester.  Even at that age I found the experience fun and rewarding and progressed through the ABRSM grades.  By 14 I had passed Grade 5 in both practical piano and music theory.


My piano tutor then moved from the area and I had a decision to make - to continue with another private tutor or pursue other teenage activities.  I chose the latter but knew this story wasn't over...


I spent the next 10 years studying for my degree and travelling the world and then made the move to London. It was while I was working in the events and live music scene that I decided to pursue my ultimate goal of teaching the piano and performing for a living.  So, with the help of an inspirational piano teacher, I embarked upon and completed the advanced ABRSM grades, taught family and friends alongside my events jobs, and achieved what I set out to do.


I now teach in primary and secondary schools across Berkshire and offer private lessons for all ages and abilities at my home in Windsor.


I continue to push myself to learn and grow as a pianist as I can honestly say nothing quite compares to the joy and fulfilment that mastering this art form brings. Being able to create feelings of joy, calm, excitement or any emotion through music is magical.  Being able to share this joy with others is the real icing on the cake!

About Me